CU 23S2 Sign-up

What’s happening Sem 2?

Public Bible Talks (PBTs)

Tue 1-2 @ 14SCO 100.
Wed 1-2 @ 14SCO T2.

PBTs are our weekly CU-wide meetings. Gather with others to sit under the Bible.

Faculties and DGs

Everyday, 11 and 1

Faculties and DGs are our way of gathering in smaller communities, immersed in the Bible, and eager to share Jesus with our friends, classmates, and the wider campus.

Cross in Action (CIA/CU Training)

Tue 10-11 @ 25WW A113 (1-2-1).
Wed 10-11 @ 29WW 041 (1-2-1).

At Christian Union, we are all about training and sending Christians out with the gospel to wherever God has prepared. CIA is our way of equipping students for a lifetime of ministry, whether self-supported or supported by others.